Life Update #1

Yay we've made it a month (ish)!  So, my life. Graduation is coming closer and I'm a mix of excited and nervous for that. Excited because yay high school's over but nervous because I'm supposed to adult now. I'm not quite sure I can do that yet. 😂 April was a pretty good month for … Continue reading Life Update #1



Merida. I love Merida. I'm the Disney universe she is like a breathe of fresh air. She's quirky and independent and fierce.  I love her confidence in herself and I really like how she didn't end up with a prince. (Don't get me wrong, I love me some prince. 😂)  Merida is also a pretty … Continue reading Brave 


I cannot express enough how important prayer is. It is our main way to communicate with God.  Lately I've been praying for a lot of family things. The peace I've felt while praying for these specific needs is amazing. Prayer doesn't always relieve stress and it's something that needs persistence but prayers do get up … Continue reading Prayer 


Rapunzel is next in my line-up of favorite princess and while she is a newer princess she is great. I love her spunky and quirky personality and she does have some amazing songs. And if I do say so myself, Flynn Rider aka Eugene Fitzherbert is pretty easy on the eyes. 😏😜 But really Rapunzel … Continue reading Tangled


Fellowship *insert Lord of the Rings pun here*  I would be so lost without my church and youth group family. Fellowship with other Christians gives you (from personal experience) the opportunity to be kept accountable, have faith discussions and have faith-based advice. They are able to be a moral compass that understand your faith-based values.  … Continue reading Fellowship