Nice to Meet You

Sooo this is my first post. It’s nice to meet you! I’m glad you stopped by. In this post I’ll just be introducing myself and how and what I’ll be posting.

Ok, my name is Katie and my favorite color is blue. I’m glad we got the tough question out of the way. I love Disney so much. I love the princesses, Captain Jack Sparrow and so much more. I am an absolute bookworm.  I love The Chronicles of Narnia, Harry Potter, Percy Jackson and the Olympian’s and much more. I am a Christian who believes in the word and promises of God and I try to live my life according to His will. My taste in music varies I’ll listen to pretty much everything besides death metal and full on rapping (I can deal with a break in singing for some rap but the whole thing being rapped just isn’t my thing). At this point in my life (Spring-ish 2016) I am a high school senior and can feel the itch to graduate!

Moving on to what I’ll be writing about and when. So the topics I am planning to write about are Disney, my life and the constant journey and trials of my faith. The plan for updating my posts are Disney posts every Saturday, Life Updates monthly and Faith posts every Wednesday. I hope to be starting up this week and I’m excited to read, write and live life with you guys!



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