Fellowship *insert Lord of the Rings pun here* 

I would be so lost without my church and youth group family. Fellowship with other Christians gives you (from personal experience) the opportunity to be kept accountable, have faith discussions and have faith-based advice. They are able to be a moral compass that understand your faith-based values. 

Oh and don’t forget that they will pray for you. I feel that nothing is more comforting than having a friend pray for you. To know that they care and are asking God for your well-being. It’s an amazing thing. I hope you all have a strong fellowship with your church family and have friends to share with and if you feel that you don’t I’ll be your friend! I will care for you and pray for you! If you need a friend I am here for you and so is God!



2 thoughts on “Fellowship

  1. Matthew says:

    What an awesome statement that rings with me. I’m Christian but I need to get back to the fellowship. Thanks for reminding me of the wonderful benefits of church and fellowship. I’ve had a few friends pray for me lately and I really liked it and could feel the power of their prayers with the Lord.

    Oh, I just noticed, your offering prayers. Hey, I’ll never turn down a prayer. I’ve sort of needed them lately. If you do pray for me, the Lord will know what your praying for 🙂 No need for me to go into explanations.

    I also enjoy praying for others. So if you need one or not, I’ll be praying for you.


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