Beauty and the Beast

I thought I would continue my Disney posts with my next favorite Disney princess Belle! (And I will continue to go down my list of favorites and then move on to non-princesses 🙂)

Even though Ariel is my favorite Disney princess, I really connect with Belle. I love her thirst for knowledge and adventure. I love that she is intelligent and quirky. She’s like me in the sense of her love for reading. I think that she really sets a great example for girls who don’t fit in. Yeah she was one of the most beautiful girls in town but that didn’t matter and she still didn’t fit in with them because she was different and she didn’t care. She shows you that it’s ok to have your quirks and what makes you unique because you will find someone who will love you for it. (I.e her love with the Beast and her friendship with all the others in his castle) I just love the message that this movie and Belle sends. 😊


No copyright infringement intended. All opinions are mine and mine alone. 


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