I know I know I'm cutting it close/late so insert excuses here. But this week my princess is none other than Jasmine!! Jasmine from Disney's Aladdin has to be one of the sassiest Disney princesses and I think that's what makes her so fun and lovable.  She's  determined and strong-willed as well. She doesn't want … Continue reading Aladdin 



Next princess is Mulan and while she technically isn't a princess she is officially on the Disney princess list so she makes mine as well!  She has such a good story of standing up for her family no matter the cost and proving herself. She's strong and hard working and fights for what she wants. … Continue reading Mulan


On to another princess. If you hadn't guessed by the title it's Cinderella.  I love Cinderella the classic and the live-action version but today I'll be focusing on the 1950 film.  Most girls obsessed with princesses wanted to be Cinderella at some point in their life. To be swept of their feet and become a … Continue reading Cinderella