A Little Encouragement

Every so often you get a little down and just upset with life or yourself so here’s a little bit of encouragement. 

  • You are loved! You are so loved by me and the Maker!
  • You are not a mistake. God doesn’t make mistakes and He made you so therefore you are not a mistake. 
  • As I just said before you are not a mistake and you have a purpose! God only creates useful things so you have a reason to be here. 
  • You have specific talents that God has gifted you with. You might not know what they are yet but you were meant to bless those around you with those gifts! 
  • You are so valuable! Your friends, family, God and me care for you! We want the best for you. Jesus died for you and me to be saved! (It’s always great to know that someone cares ☺️) 
  • Things may seem sucky right now but this isn’t permenant and God has a master plan for you! Be patient, I know it’s hard but the best is yet to come. 

Oh look there’s my senior quote again, I just love how relevant it is. 😉
I hope that at least one person felt encouraged by this post. If you’re still feeling a bit down don’t be afraid to leave a comment and I’d love to talk to you or if you want something more private you can go to my About Me page and go to any of my social media links and DM me. (Just say you’re from the blog because I’m a really dense person and would be so confused otherwise.) 



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