Tips For When You’re In a Funk

I am starting this post off with an apology. I know I was supposed to post on Saturday but life got too hectic and it just didn't happen so I'm sorry and I'll try not to let it happen again. I will be back on Saturday with a new Disney post so leave a comment … Continue reading Tips For When You’re In a Funk


Getting Organized

After school ends it takes me a while to get a new routine in motion. And for this summer I'm really trying to get into the word more and my first step to getting organized is labeling the books of the Bible. So I did that yesterday with handmade tabs.  So here they are all … Continue reading Getting Organized


To end my princess series I'm going cover both Anna and Elsa from Frozen.  First of all I love Anna's quirks. She awkward and clumsy and personally I love her for it. She's brave and gives love easily. I think that's something we can admire about her.  Elsa is way more reserved and I can … Continue reading Frozen 


Purity can be a hard subject to talk about without, especially as a female, receiving mixed criticism.  There is often a double-standard that comes along with purity which can give it a bad rep in the non-Christian communities. Most lessons about purity while usually not intentionally are directed towards young women and while I feel … Continue reading Purity 

Sleeping Beauty

If you couldn't tell by now, I love every Disney princess and each of them holds a unique, special place in my heart. They are all very different and they each have something different for me to love.  This weeks princess is Aurora. I love classic Aurora, she's beautiful, kind, humble and basically the embodiment … Continue reading Sleeping Beauty


Tonight's post is partially inspired by my youth pastor's message from tonight.  Jealousy is such a common issue and I can't help but get jealous sometimes. Jealous of people, of things, and even ideas. But in that cycle of jealousy and self-scrutiny I have to take a step back and say "no". I was created … Continue reading Jealousy