Tips For When You’re In a Funk

I am starting this post off with an apology. I know I was supposed to post on Saturday but life got too hectic and it just didn't happen so I'm sorry and I'll try not to let it happen again. I will be back on Saturday with a new Disney post so leave a comment … Continue reading Tips For When You’re In a Funk



To end my princess series I'm going cover both Anna and Elsa from Frozen.  First of all I love Anna's quirks. She awkward and clumsy and personally I love her for it. She's brave and gives love easily. I think that's something we can admire about her.  Elsa is way more reserved and I can … Continue reading Frozen 


Purity can be a hard subject to talk about without, especially as a female, receiving mixed criticism.  There is often a double-standard that comes along with purity which can give it a bad rep in the non-Christian communities. Most lessons about purity while usually not intentionally are directed towards young women and while I feel … Continue reading Purity 

Sleeping Beauty

If you couldn't tell by now, I love every Disney princess and each of them holds a unique, special place in my heart. They are all very different and they each have something different for me to love.  This weeks princess is Aurora. I love classic Aurora, she's beautiful, kind, humble and basically the embodiment … Continue reading Sleeping Beauty


Tonight's post is partially inspired by my youth pastor's message from tonight.  Jealousy is such a common issue and I can't help but get jealous sometimes. Jealous of people, of things, and even ideas. But in that cycle of jealousy and self-scrutiny I have to take a step back and say "no". I was created … Continue reading Jealousy