Purity can be a hard subject to talk about without, especially as a female, receiving mixed criticism. 

There is often a double-standard that comes along with purity which can give it a bad rep in the non-Christian communities. Most lessons about purity while usually not intentionally are directed towards young women and while I feel that young women should know their worth and that they are precious and worth the wait young men should know that too. 

It’s also seen that men are more lax about being “experienced” and I feel that we should be instilling in young people (I know, I know I’m technically still one of them but still I’m voicing my opinion on the subject) that both should make it a priority to have purity.  

Young men should know that they are important, valued and that they deserve to save themselves just as much as girls are encouraged to do so. Always know whoever you are you are special and valued and are certainly worth the wait. And if that ship has sailed for you know that one decision doesn’t make you permenantly tainted. You are still precious and valued in God’s eyes. He loves you unconditionally.  



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