This week I decided to pick one of my favorite non-princess Disney character. I know the title of the film is Hercules and is technically about the title character but I think we all can agree that Megara or Meg is really everyone's favorite. How can she not with all that sass that she emotes … Continue reading Hercules



I thought I would take this week's post to talk about the importance of Vacation Bible School; volunteering and bringing your kids.  I've worked VBS and have gone to VBS for a really, really, really long time. šŸ˜‚ These past few (3-4) years I have volunteered as a crew co-leader and I can honestly say … Continue reading VBS


It is specifically written in the bible that we have God-given talents or gifts that we are meant to use to serve God and others.  I feel like this can be a really hard for some people and it's part of the reason I started this blog. We're all given talents that we are meant … Continue reading Talents

Peter PanĀ 

Today I felt like taking a more philosophical approach to my usual opinion Disney pieces and Peter Pan felt like a very appropriate movie to be philosophical with.  Ok, so I love Peter Pan. I love this movie so much and I totally identify as Wendy Darling (as much as I love Ariel I represent … Continue reading Peter PanĀ 


Change is such a hard thing. I'm pretty sure nobody likes change but it is healthy.  Recently we have had a change in our youth group with our current youth pastor is transitioning into an associate pastor role and a new youth pastor (someone we already know and love thankfully) is stepping up. This change … Continue reading ChangeĀ 


I'd like to rationalize why I didn't put Pocahontas into the Disney princess series and then jump into why I love this movie.  Ok on a technicality she is the daughter of a chief and not an actual princess and I know that I included Mulan but she is in the official line-up and Pocahontas … Continue reading PocahontasĀ