Peter Pan 

Today I felt like taking a more philosophical approach to my usual opinion Disney pieces and Peter Pan felt like a very appropriate movie to be philosophical with. 

Ok, so I love Peter Pan. I love this movie so much and I totally identify as Wendy Darling (as much as I love Ariel I represent Wendy more). But as much as I love it there is a certain stigma that comes with Peter Pan. If you’re like Peter than you could be labeled as being afraid to grow up and face the future but if you’re like Wendy then you’re over eager for the future and aren’t enjoying your childhood but I think they are both characters that should positively influence our lives. 

Peter teaches us to always see the fun in things and not to take life too seriously. (Because work and no play… Nope I am not making that reference here). Wendy on the other hand teaches us that we can still grow up but we don’t necessarily have to be a grown up. We mature and age but the magic of imagination doesn’t die it just takes new forms and I feel like this is really resonating with me at this stage in my life where I just graduated high school and in just a short time will be moving into college. 

Adulting is scary but only if we let it. There are so many wonderful things that you can do as an adult that it would be an awfully big adventure to try out. 

Until next time!


No copyright infringement intended. All opinions are mine and mine alone.  


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