This week I decided to pick one of my favorite non-princess Disney character. I know the title of the film is Hercules and is technically about the title character but I think we all can agree that Megara or Meg is really everyone’s favorite. How can she not with all that sass that she emotes throughout the entire film.

Meg, sassy

Just look at that face above and tell me that, that women isn’t a Queen of Sass. Ugh, I just love her.

She also grows so much in the movie and she grows in a relatable and realistic way that many of us identify with. Meg had to struggle through heartbreak before and it makes her hard against the world but through Hercules she’s able to change and that’s all we can ask of a good character; to mature and grow as a human being to become something better than what they are. Also to learn something about the world and themselves. (I used “grow” a lot in this bit but I felt that it was necessary so I’m keeping it, sorry.)

The music in Hercules is also fantastically paced throughout the entire film. (I also feel like I’m using the word film a lot but whatever.) The muses serve as narrators and advance the plot with song which is beautiful and perfect. (I want them to narrate/sing my life) We also can’t forget my absolute favorite song in the entire movie, I Won’t Say I’m in Love. Not only is it beautiful it also perfectly capture hoe Meg feels and is a relatable song to many women and gosh darn it just plain fun to sing  (especially on long car rides).

Overall Hercules is a great movie with great characterization and great comedic relief and if you’ve never seen it than I hope this post convinced you to watch it.

Until next time!


No copyright infringement intended. All opinions are mine and mine alone. All images belong to the Disney franchise.


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