Waiting can be incredibly hard. We live in a word where information is at the touch of a buttons but when something isn't instant we get a little antsy.  While it is hard to wait it is always worth it. Waiting builds character. Whether you're waiting to graduate, meet a special someone or for any … Continue reading Waiting 


Youth Group

I've talked about the importance of fellowship before and that coincides with what I'll be talking about tonight. As I went to my very last youth group meeting I think it's fitting to discuss them and their importance.  If your church has a youth group I implore you to join, so many great things can … Continue reading Youth Group


Fear is a tool that the devil uses to trap us and keep us from using our full potential to follow Christ. It's something that a still struggle with to this day.  I fear people's opinions. I hate when people don't like me and it's something I struggle with every day.  I fear that I … Continue reading Fear