Fear is a tool that the devil uses to trap us and keep us from using our full potential to follow Christ. It’s something that a still struggle with to this day. 

I fear people’s opinions. I hate when people don’t like me and it’s something I struggle with every day. 

I fear that I can’t be perfect or the “perfect Christian”. Logically I know it can’t be done, be perfect that is, but my mistakes and failings always weigh heavy on me and my heart. 

I fear that I’m not enough. That I’m not doing enough for God and not enough for the people around me. 

These are really personal fears that I face and I want anyone who’s reading this who might have the same or similar fear that there is hope yet. 

I don’t always feel this way but when I do I just pray and pray hard for these to be lifted from my heart and to work through my fear. Keep studying and keep worshiping the Lord. I fail at those too sometimes and I can never achieve perfection but I can always get up again and try again to run after God. 

If you are struggling with any of these fears of any other fears feel free to comment or contact me personally on social media (all my usernames are in my About page). Until next time!



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