You are not ugly

Self-esteem is a very tricky subject. I admit that there are things that I have absolutely hated about myself. 

I’ve eaten myself up inside with hate for how I look. I thought I was ugly because I wasn’t a certain side and I would look in the mirror and hate what’s looking back at me. I hated the stretch marks that marred my stomach and want to cry because I wasn’t what I thought I should look like. 

I couldn’t understand that I was and still am fearfully and wonderfully made from the hands of God. He created you and me in His perfect image. You are not defined by your outward beauty but by your actions and your inner self; your inner beauty is what counts. 

No matter your imperfections God created you for something great if you let Him work in you. Let your confidence flow through Him and He will let you prosper!

Until next time!


(I’m being brave and using a non-edited, makeup-free selfie of myself as the features image 😁)


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