Youth Group

I’ve talked about the importance of fellowship before and that coincides with what I’ll be talking about tonight. As I went to my very last youth group meeting I think it’s fitting to discuss them and their importance. 

If your church has a youth group I implore you to join, so many great things can come out of joining. (I also understand that there may be extenuating circumstances (a.k.a drama) that may influence some of this but it really can beneficial.)  

  • It can provide a support system of other young Christians who are likeminded and are going through the same struggles and can really keep you accountable on your walk with Christ. 
  • Youth leaders are such great tools to seek Godly advice from and they are imperfect people who have experienced life who are so willing to help you. From my own experience youth leaders who are dedicated to their students are the ones who will really put their all into your well being. 
  • The sense of Godly community that you get at a very complicated (emotionally, spiritually) in your life is just amazing and can be so supportive. 
  • Watching and seeing your own growth in the faith is such a special and awe-inspiring event. Teenagers have such raw emotions that we try not to wear on our sleeves; but when we are truly in the presence of God, worshiping it’s just so holy and utterly marvelous and more adjectives that I don’t know. 
  • Youth events are fun. You get no sleep, eat junk, play fun games, have long car rides with the people you like and spend time with God. The perfect teenage event, but seriously youth events are so awesome for growth and experiencing the presence of God and just bonding with the girls and guys in your youth group. 

As I leave this time in my life behind I hope you are able to take this to heart and consider joining your own youth group if you are able. If you are past that age there are always adult ministries within church to join and if not then you can always start one because you’re usually not the only thinking you need a ministry. 

Until next time!


(The featured image is my youth group after Pendel Youth Convention and we are all hungry and overtired lol. I’m the one in the front right 🙂) 


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