Letter from my Future Self 

In one of my classes we had to write ourselves a letter from the point of view of ourselves ten years from now. I thought it was a really interesting assignment so I’d thought I’d share it on here. 

Dear Kaitlin, 
I want to start with asking to try your hardest not to be afraid. It’s alright to be afraid and to have fears but if you let them limit you then are you really living, or just existing? I can answer that, you’ll be floating through life, existing and not serving much purpose. Try new things, experience new places and it’ll be hard but you can break out of your shell.It’s not about being bold, it’s about small acts of bravery. Now that I’ve gotten that out of my system, there are a few things I want to tell you about our life now and the person we’ve become. 

I would like you to know and be proud of the relationships you have been able to develop. By getting out of your shell you have been able to make deep and meaningful friendships with people. You have never had large flocks of friends but the group you do have now are true friends who care about you. You have been able to grow and this growth has allowed you to love more, show great kindness and compassion. This growth has come from your faith in Christ. Being able to finally, truly let go and fully trust in the Lord has permeated into every aspect of your life. That trust and faithfulness has caused hardship but, ultimately, the reward and blessings of faithfulness outweighs any pain. Putting others first, truly, was the hardest aspect of faithfulness. Selflessness is the hardest lesson to learn. Don’t worry about your career. God provides and you will be put where He sees fit. Calm your nerves about the future; God is in control. Also do not doubt your ability to properly “adult”. There is a learning curve, as with most things in life, but you will get the hang of it. You can do it, I know that you can do it because I’ve done it and that means you have to have done it because I am you. Another thing I implore you to do is make time for your family. You may be busy but it is not that hard to send a text to mom or Skype the family. Make time for them for the are your pillars of strength and they make up who you are as a person. Be grateful for our parents, they do so much for you that you may not even realize right now.

With the stress of being an adult the attitude of learning can be lost but I would like you to know that you haven’t completely lost that. Books still consume a portion of your life. You continue to learn and think intelligently through exploring new books and thinking critically about these texts. Devouring classics, fiction and everything in between and finding value and great meaning has become a routine. Juggling everyday life with the pursuit of knowledge can be daunting but with proper organizing it can and has been done, by you and by me but I am you so it’s all one in the same. 

With the warmest regards and love,


Until next time!



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