Taking a break from my Underrated Disney to talk about my favorite Halloween Disney movie!  If I had to pick one movie to define my childhood Halloween experience it would be Halloweentown. Every year I always watch this movie. It is the perfect Halloween movie.  Halloweentown encompasses the perfect combination of Halloween weird and magic. … Continue reading Halloweentown 


Don’t worry kid

This one is for all the high school seniors worried about making friends in college.  One of my greatest concerns with starting college is making friends. I was terrified that since I didn't know anyone going to the school I was going to that I would be too socially inept to make friends. I prayed … Continue reading Don’t worry kid

Hocus Pocus 

To kick off the Halloween season and to continue with my Underrated Disney series I'll be delving into the world of Hocus Pocus.  Hocus Pocus is the Halloween classic for any Disney lover. It's always on during the month of October and really I can watch it any time of the year.  It's such a … Continue reading Hocus Pocus 


Criticism: How to handle it and how to give it.  Handling it With grace. Be calm, don't overreact to negative feedback.  Understand that this isn't a personal attack on you or your work. I understand that you a lot of effort but effort does not equal perfection.  Learn from it. Criticism in its true form … Continue reading Criticism 

Life Update #6

September has been a whirlwind.  I celebrated my birthday this month and was so blessed by my roommate and friends on campus. They decorated my room and door and bought me donuts! (All under my nose!) Here are some pictures below:   I've settled into the routine of homework every day and just basic college … Continue reading Life Update #6