The Fox and the Hound

Moving on in my Underrated Disney Movies series is The Fox and the Hound. If you have not seen this movie you are missing out on some serious feels!! 

This movie is the perfect best friend movie! Tod and Copper (a fox and a hound respectively) become friends and in several different occasions their friendship gets put to the test but in the end they manage to stay loyal to each other. 

The Fox and the Hound usually gets put on the back burner of favorite Disney movies because it lacks a lot of music numbers but it holds a special place in my heart. My younger brother and I always cry when we watch it. 

How could you not have feels after that??!! 😭😭

If you haven’t seen this movie then go watch it!! I’m positive you’ll love it! 

If you have comment your favorite chars from the movie. Mine is either Tod or Big Mama (the owl).

Until next time!


 No copyright infringement intended. All opinions are mine and mine alone.  All images belong to the Disney franchise. 


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