Don’t worry kid

This one is for all the high school seniors worried about making friends in college. 

One of my greatest concerns with starting college is making friends. I was terrified that since I didn’t know anyone going to the school I was going to that I would be too socially inept to make friends. I prayed every single day since I got my acceptance letter that I would make friends and that I would get along with my roommate. God has and answered these prayers in abundance. 
I have been blessed with friends that I have made, a roommate who I can have random dance parties with in our room and a solid group to be with. My prayers have been answered and I hope to encourage you. You will find your group. It may take a little while but don’t forget to go out there and participate! Be brave and be bold and go out of your comfort zone!  It’s ok to be nervous, I certainly was, but if you pray about it God will answer you. You will make friends. You will adjust. Everything will be fine. Just breathe and enjoy your final year of high school. 

Until next time!



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