Christmas Traditions

As it is the month of December and Christmas is well on its way, I decided that my Wednesday posts (which are finally returning after a month of NaNoWriMo!) will be focusing on Christmas itself and the Christmas season! As the title states I will talk about my Christmas traditions!

  • Christmas music- We start listening to Christmas music Black Friday, no sooner, no later. We’ve done this without fail since I was a child.
  • Christmas decorations- On the same day that the Christmas music starts the decorations go up. My mom loves to go hardcore when it comes to decorating for Christmas so our whole house gets pretty festive. This year, since I am living on campus, my roommate and I did decorate our dorm with Christmas decorations and garland and it’s so festive and cozy and I love it!
  • Christmas Eve Service- My family and I have been going to a Christmas Eve service at the churches that we’ve gone to for over five years now. (I say churches because we moved to a different state a couple years ago so we had to find a new church to attend) I love the different atmosphere you get at a Candlelight service, there is a special sense of community that you feel with your church family, at least that’s how it feels for me.
  • Christmas Eve- So, after the Christmas Eve service my family and I go to my dad’s aunt and cousin’s house and we do a mini-Christmas with them. We eat a home-cooked meal and exchange gifts and just spend quality time with each other. It’s wonderful.
  • Christmas morning- Since I was young we’ve started Christmas with singing “Happy Birthday” to Jesus and reading the birth story before we start opening presents, one by one. Everyone usually takes their turn opening presents but I’m not sure how this Christmas will pan out as we have a church service since Christmas is on a Sunday and I’m not sure if we’ll open presents before or after church.

That’s all I think. Comment below any odd or unusual Christmas traditions you have!

Until next time!



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