Happy New Years Eve! 

Today since it’s the end of the month and I’m due for a life update I’m going to list some of the highlights from this month and this year. 

  • Graduation- I graduated high school this year and it was a lot of hard work but I’m so thankful for all the memories (prom, my friends, teachers) that I made in high school! 
  • College- I started my freshmen year at Cairn University and I love it. Fall semester was a learning curve and I’m so grateful for the friends I’ve made to go through this new adventure with. 
  • The Blog!- I started this blog as part of a late start to my New Years resolution in April. I decided I wanted to write more and I took the jump and started this blog! 
  • Internship- This semester I started an internship with an online magazine and have been able to run some social media and write an article and so far it’s been amazing. 
  • Election- I got to vote for the first time ever and while it wasn’t an ideal election, I am grateful for the opportunity to vote. 

I’m sure there are so many more memories that I’m missing but here are the really big, highlights from 2016! 

Comment below your favorite memory from 2016! Mine was probably graduating high school! 

Until next time!



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