A couple weeks ago I finally saw Moana. I know, I know, I know. I'm late to the party, everyone and their brother has seen the movie and talked about it.  But here I am, finally going to talk about it! Let me just say that I love the movie! I am obsessed with the … Continue reading Moana


Just My Thoughts

Yesterday I was reading in Genesis and it got me thinking about the story of Isaac and Abraham and how God tests Abraham's faithfulness by asking him to sacrifice his only son (Gen 22). I was thinking of how scared Issac must have felt. He was confused and scared and didn't understand what was going … Continue reading Just My Thoughts

The Mopes 

(This should have been posted yesterday but this is the first week of spring semester and I'm adjusting)  It happens to everyone. You just feel sad and mopey and you don't know why. This inexplicable sadness that holds onto your heart for periods of time. You'll get over it, but here are some tips to … Continue reading The Mopes 

I’m a mess

I am a mess.  I screw up, a lot.  I am not the perfect person and I have never portrayed myself that way.  All I can do is pray, get into the Word and learn from my mistakes.  So, here's to starting the New Year with the intention of growing closer to Christ and growing … Continue reading I’m a mess