An Open Letter to the Introvert 

Dear Introvert, 

I want to start of by saying that I understand where you’re coming from because I am you. I don’t like large social interactions or many other social interactions at all. And that’s ok, you are not meant to be social all the time. Here are a few things I want to reassure you of: 

  • God made you in His perfect design. You are programmed in a unique way, don’t cast of your shyness or a general dislike for public gatherings as not belonging because you do belong. 
  • You still have talents that God has given you. They may not be as straight forward or tangible as some extroverts but you still have gifts that you are meant to share. 
  • It’s ok to be scared to talk to people as long as you don’t let it define you. I get really bad social anxiety but I have to keep reminding myself that I won’t always mess up what I want to say and that I don’t have to be alone if I don’t want it. 
  • What you have to say is worth hearing. This one I have to keep working on. It’s realizing that everything you have to say is not less important than someone else who is more vocal about their opinions. You are just as entitled to vocalize your opinions when you choose; the special thing about your comments are that people will know how important they because they are few and far between. 

I hope you can read this and be encouraged my introverted friends! Until next time!



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