The Mopes 

(This should have been posted yesterday but this is the first week of spring semester and I’m adjusting) 

It happens to everyone. You just feel sad and mopey and you don’t know why. This inexplicable sadness that holds onto your heart for periods of time. You’ll get over it, but here are some tips to get out of your own set of mopes. 

  • Sleeping it off won’t work. Believe me I’ve tried. You just wake up and everything feels sad again. 
  • Go outside and do something fun. Even if it’s just a walk to get fresh air. It’ll do you good to see something different and empty your mind. 
  • Watch a movie or read a book that you love. Doing something that you love can lighten your heart and remind you of happier times. 
  • Pray about it. If your heart really feels like it’s in a bad and mopey place it is best to give it to the Lord and look for direction.

I hope this helps! Until next time! 



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