Effective Bible Studying

*Disclaimer: I am no professional, and do not claim to be. Only a girl who is stumbling and tripping her way through life and faith and trying the best that I can. And I can only hope to lend encouragement and assistance to any of you.*

Studying the Bible is essential as a Christian, so I thought I’d share some personal tips on how I do it! 

  • Start with the Basics: Pick a book and do a chapter a day. One step at a time. 
  • Take notes:  Write down any interesting information or something you may have learned. Write down any word you don’t know than look it up! 
  • Highlight: Highlight or underline any verses that catch your eye or are meaningful. 
  • Prayer: I always, always, always, pray after reading my Bible. It brings a sense of peace and closure to the whole process. 
  • Notebook: You don’t need a fancy, leather-bound notebook to take your notes, anything will do! It’s better to spend little on a well used and well loved notebook than have a fancy, unused notebook. 

I hope that these tips are helpful! 

Until next time!



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