Brother Bear 

To (finally) finish off my Underrsted Disney series we’re going to talk about Brother Bear!

It’s not necessarily one of the least known Disney movies but it is one of the least appreciated. 

I’m going to list my top 3 reasons to watch Brother Bear (which is on Netflix if you do want to watch it! 

  1. Family Love: This movie really showcases sibling relationships and how they grow and change 
  2. Love: In general this movie breaks down the stereotype of hard, unaffectionate men to show these loving and caring brothers 
  3. Humor: It has the classic Disney, comedic relief to relieve the tension. 
  4. Bonus! The character development is surprisingly good in this movie. 

As with all the movies from my Underrated Disney series, I suggest you watch it and enjoy it with your family! 

Next week I’ll be sharing my opinions on Moana and why I cried after the first ten minutes. 

Until next time!



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