I. Love. Enchanted! Since I've seen the movie I want to be Giselle. She is goals. Giselle is so full of kindness, generosity, and a giving spirit. She is such a role model for young girls. She is a princess but she is willing to lend a helping hand and get her hands dirty.  Along … Continue reading Enchanted


Respect in the Classroom 

Today my professor yelled at my class for using electronics when he specifically told us we were not to use then in class without spoken permission.  Not only was this embarrassing, it is quite unnerving to see your professor that angry at your class. I was not using my phone but still, it is embarrassing … Continue reading Respect in the Classroom 


Ok, you see, I loved this movie. It has all the makings of a good Disney movie:  Talking Animals Catchy Music Talented Cast  Interesting Plotline  The Good Ole Plot Twist  The one issue I have is that while feelings blossom between Nick and Judy, I can't ship it. (Ship as in relationship it) As much … Continue reading Zootopia