Rend Collective 

Today I’ll be doing something a little different. Instead of giving advice or something if that nature I will be talking about one of my favorite bands of the moment. 

Picture is the cover of their latest album

Rend Collective is a folk-rock praise and worship band, meaning they sing about God and have a fun, funky sound to them. 

They’re an Irish (Northern Irish to be specific for the nitpickers) group so that means that they have an Irish folk undertone in a lot of the music they make, which I love! 

It’s such a different and interesting sound contrasting the “Top Christian Hits”. They are unique and sing truth, justice, and mercy. 

Their lyrics are biblically sound and take a fresh perspective on common topics. 

Even if folk is not typically what you listen to, I would give them a chance. I’ve seen them in concert and they are a magnificent sight to behold and their fervor for the Lord is real. 

 I will link their music on Spotify and YouTube, please give them a listen. Your ears and spirit will be happy! 

Until next time! 


(This was not a paid promotion in any way, all opinions are my own) 


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