The Israelites

When reading the Bible, it’s easy to come across the book of Genesis or Exodus and get frustrated with the Israelites. You read and get so frustrated, you just want to say Why Can’t You Just Listen! And it’s easy to think this way but the Israelites are to be learned from, not looked down upon from our own pedestals.

The Israelites made many mistakes but the main theme of these books of the Bible is that God did not abandon them. Through all the complaining, whining, and disobedience, God still provided for them. This can encourage us as believers to remember that we are his chosen people and that God will continue to provide for us and our wellbeing. The Israelites are also a prime example of God providing us with enough to sustain us, meaning he gives us what we need, not necessarily what we want.

Exodus also shows us not to test God, because he simply doesn’t test. He always has the upper hand and will punish the disobedient in the case of the Israelites.

We tend to condemn the Israelites so easily that we forget that we do the same thing. We are not perfect people, we fail God, we break promises, we are not without fault and without sin. Look into your own heart before you condemn the original people of promise. Learn from the Israelites and do not condemn them.

Until next time!



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