How do you know God loves you?

I think that, at least for me, it goes with trust. I trust from what I read in the Bible that He has a plan set from before He even created the Earth for His people to be with Him forever. I think that my understanding of His love and how deep it actually is comes from reading the Bible and reading of times where He has just shown time and time again that He will provide for His creation in occordance to His plan. 
I get where you are coming from, I really do. I used to think how could God love someone so sinful and imperfect but by taking a step back and realizing all the really great things that happen in your life are because of Him and how much He wants us to grow and succeed made me realize that He does love me.

 Also, from the Bible we learn that His love is unconditional, that He won’t cease to love us just because we make a mistake. He is our perfect, Heavenly Father who sees the potential that we don’t see in our selves and wants us to follow Him and love Him back. 

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One thought on “How do you know God loves you?

  1. Stephanie says:

    This Is a beautiful post. GOD’S love is everlasting , it’s fulfilling, no matter what you have been faced with, no matter your past, he looks beyond those things that you think define you and makes you a better version of yourself

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