Where have I been? (Catching up on all the Life Updates 12-16)

It's been a really long time since I've consistently put out content. A random post here or there over the past couple of months. It's not that I've been busy, not really. The mopes just hit me really hard this summer and I was missing my school friends and I just didn't want to do anything. As summer is coming to a close, I am going to try my hardest to get back on schedule and hopefully pre-plan some posts for when I start school.

March & April:

To be quite honest these months were a blur of school work and studying. I was prepping for finals and they wrecked me lol.
All I did was eat, sleep, study, and watch Netflix.


School had finally ended and I moved out of my dorm! This was a glorious mess of a month lol. I barely got dressed and had everything from my dorm crammed into my room with all my other crap. 😂 It probably took most of the month for me to get my room looking like a bedroom and less like a storage room.
I also picked up Jane Eyrewhere I had left off. I had about two hundred or so pages left and I finished it about mid June. Classics always take me so long to read, but I love them just the same.


This is when I really started to do some… things lol. I finished reading Jane Eyre and I started picking up my reading habits. During this time I also read the first book in The Raven Cycle series, The Raven Boys and I enjoyed it (again, I've read it before). I decided not to continue on in the series because, idk it felt a little too ghost/sci-fi for my taste.
After reading that I took up editing some pieces that I had written for a short stories class I took. I revised those and posted two of them on Wattpad. One of them, I am creating into a series of short stories. You can read them here and here. That I did for the remainder of this month and even started writing a bit.


Back to the books I went lol. I actually went back to the library and picked up Shadow and Bone and I've started that series. I finished the first book and quite liked it and now I'm reading the second one and I just can't get into it the same way but, I'm still pretty early on in the novel. I also donated a portion (3 paper grocery bags) of my books to my local library and made an idiot out of myself doing so. I pulled them there in a wagon so it was an odd walk back pulling a nearly empty wagon. 😬 Leave it up to me to be awkward lol.

I also did something very dorky and started a bookstagram! And if you don't know what that is, it is an Instagram account that is solely for the purpose of taking aesthetic looking pictures of books and communicating my love of books to a specific audience. If you want to check that out, you can click here to view my account 😊.
Also! Early this month I made the change and dyed my hair purple!!

It's gorgeous and I love it and the more it fades, the prettier it gets. 😊
I also went to the beach (Ocean City, MD) for the first time (properly) and my mermaid self loved it. As much as I love winter and fall, I could live in the ocean. My heart belongs to the ocean🌊💜.

Ok, I think that's all I have. Until next time! (And I mean it this time, I'll see you Saturday!)

(You guys would not believe the number of times I went back and edited this post. I kept either forgetting info or had to fix a spelling error. This is my welcome back lol.)


2 thoughts on “Where have I been? (Catching up on all the Life Updates 12-16)

  1. Katie says:

    The ocean is the best!! Even though I’ve only been there a handful of times in my life, it’s my favorite place to be. And I love your purple hair!


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