Just My Thoughts part 2

Ok, so these types of posts are mostly unstructured and I just kinda ramble about something I think is interesting. So, buckle up and get ready for a ramble to rival all rambles (or maybe not ūüėā). I just get so angry and upset sometimes at people who complain online about being single. They go … Continue reading Just My Thoughts part 2


God’s Will

While this verse is good advice and something all of us would pin on Pinterest, do we really live it out? Can you honestly say that you always seek his will? Because I can't. There have been times where I have truly asked God to show me His path and others I've just tried to … Continue reading God’s Will


It's easy, almost too easy, to become apathetic with Christianity. To fall into a ritual and think that by just following a routine we're good with God but that's not how God sees it.    In this verse the people of Israel have backslidden in their faith and are proclaiming that God approves of their … Continue reading Apathy¬†


Honestly, I've been on spring break all week but I've been sick with the flu for the whole thing. So, I thought I'd give you a list of things that I do that you definitely should not do if you want to stay healthy and not get sick.  Stay up all hours of the night. … Continue reading Sick¬†